Nature for Wellness

“Willow Place is delighted to announce a new partnership with photographic artist and cinematographer, Marek Zaleski. Zaleski is the founder of the Vancouver Island Museum of Nature in BC, and he was inspired by the novel coronavirus pandemic to share his healing videos with non-profit groups serving vulnerable populations.

Artist understands that our residents in shelter may not be able to readily access green spaces due to personal safety issues, as related to family violence and as also impacted by current health precautions with coronavirus. The hope is for Willow Place to pilot a healing environment called an "The Earth Hours" Room in the months ahead.

To help Willow Place get started with "The Earth Hours", Zaleski is donating a number of 30 minute and 3 minute nature videos to use for staff wellness and client therapeutic support. Willow Place foresees that a dedicated "The Earth Hours" space could be used for groups, activities, expressive arts-based therapy, trauma-informed yoga, cultural programming, and staff wellness.” .

Pam Hadder - Community Coordinator Willow Place, Inc.
Woman & Children’s Family Violence Services in Winnipeg
(June 15th 2020)

Vix Medicatrix Naturae
The Healing Power of Nature


A pioneer nature-based visual ambiance to help
increase emotional and spiritual well-being
by Vancouver Island Museum of Nature & Society




This audio-visual cinematic series has been specially created to transport the viewer to stunning natural spaces providing a calming and restorative ambiance to support reflection, relaxation, creativity, and heightened sensory awareness. 

"The Living Paintings of Nature: series is designed for individual or group experience.
Display options: digital projector, TV screen, computer monitor, laptop, tablet or android.

"The Earth Hours"


"The Earth Hours" series consists of stunning nature-based cinematic compositions,
accompanied with a discreet sound of nature or to be displayed in silent mode.
"The Earth Hours" cinematic series will provide any space with a subliminal link
connecting with the rejuvenating energy of mother earth.

"Earth's Magic Moments"
(Forest Bathing)


Mindful cinema shorts
designed for the mobile lifestyle.

~ Testimonials ~

“Those who participated in the mindful therapeutic based portion of the pilot project, report a shift in
how they felt following the use of the iEcotherapy as a tool in mindful practice. We endorse iEcotherapy
as an effective tool with potential healing applications across a variety of healing domains”

Allan Campbell - M.A., RCC MH&A
Program Manager Kwakiutl District Council Health Campbell River 
Campbell River, BC February 2014

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