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The Healing Journey
by Marek Julian Zaleski

*The cinematic  9 minutes shorts of each title from the album will be available by scanning QR code on the page or directly from a dedicated mobile app.

The album will consists of two hundred photographic and cinematic compositions of the lakes, rivers, streams and creeks, waterfalls and estuaries of Manitoba 
stunning wildlife.

Each photograph from the album       will be available by streaming* as a cinematic short in motion and sound     of the photographed sight, to deepen intimate experience with nature and     to transform any indoor space into       a calming and restorative ambiance.

The cinematic portion of the album   will offer indigenous traditional 
storytelling about sacredness of water   and stewardship of the land, spoken     in ancestral language, with subtitles     in thirteen languages.

MANITOU is dedicated to art books                and nature lovers, and those who wish               to reconnect and explore traditional           spiritual wisdom of indigenous land;                 for eco-travellers, students individuals in           the hospitals  and long term care, and to           all, who for any reason cannot access       beneficial effects of nature's healing          beauty, but wish to be empower and       rejuvenated by connecting with Mother          Earth on daily basis.

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