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Historical background

& fragment of the collection:

"A Journey into the Spirits of the Ancient Rainforest"

In 1991, artist Marek Julian Zaleski launched in Winnipeg "The Earth Gallery" to share and preserve
the unspoken beauty of the natural heritage of the Canadian west coast.

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In 1993, a photographic art collection - “A Journey into the Spirits of the Ancient Rainforest”, was created in the Carmanah Valley on Vancouver Island. At that time, it was one of the largest remaining tracts of ancient temperate rainforest on earth - today it is almost nonexistent.



“A Journey into the Spirits of the Ancient Rainforest” was premiered at the Canadian Pacific
Waterfront Centre in Vancouver and at the Victoria Eaton Centre in June 



"Good Morning"

Over the next ten years, the collection was exhibited across the country at museums, galleries,
theatres, universities, national and international events, and large business centers including
TD Centre in Toronto.

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"Ancient Warrior"

"A Journey into the Spirits of the Ancient Rainforest" was shown from 1993 to 2002
to over one hundred thousand Canadians during numerous exhibits across the country. 




In 2000, a second chapter was added to the exhibit tour, “Legends of Sgaang Gwaii”
from the land of The Haida Nation. 


"Voices of the Land"

“Legends of Sgaang Gwaii” was world premiered at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria in 2000



We are expanding now "A Journey into the Spirits of the Ancient Rainforest"
collection with the cinematic trilogy
"Earth Voices"  

 Major Supporters of 
"A Journey into The Spirits of the Ancient Rainforest"

Bill (William) Loewen of TelPay
Richard Walsh of Adi-Designworks
Brian Melnychenko Gallery 

Ida & Rick Albo of The Fort Garry Hotel 
Ian O. Ihnatowycz of Acuity Funds Ltd
Vicky Husband of Sierra BC 
Sharon Chow & Bo Martin 
Lynn M. Jackson
Brian Wills of Axxa Pacific
Hans Ohlig of Amplis Foto
Gwaii Haanas Guest House
Eco-Trust Canada
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"A Journey into the Spirits of the Ancient Rainforest"
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