The Earth Hours

A journey into the wild solace
and divine wisdom of nature’s beauty

"The Earth Hours" series merges the art of cinema with the rejuvenating power of the earth's beauty. 
No matter the age, cultural background, language, or other factors of human diversity, natural beauty
is universally appreciated and enjoyed.

"The Earth Hours" mission is to bring you the intimate and rejuvenating experience of the astounding
natural beauty of Vancouver Island and region.
The project will progressively release 365 x 1 hour episodes by the year 2023.

The Earth Hours will offer a multitude of possibilities for numerous applications, including:

- remote travel of the Canadian west coast
- recognition of the aboriginal stewardship of the land
- an inspirational tool to connect with mother earth
- spiritual awakening & mindful therapy
- nature's education for children
- eco-awareness campaign
- and more!




Empower your spirit in the wild solace
of the Pacific Northwest



Channeling the healing energy of mother earth
through the art of photography
by Marek Julian Zaleski

Guided by the wind songs of the ancient rainforest,
the magical beauty of whales
and legends spoken in silence by totems.
"Earth Voices" trilogy is a culmination of 30 years of the artist's
journey into the secrets of unlocking 
and sharing
the healing energy of nature through art.

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*"Earth Voices" Art Photography Collection
is planned to be released in 2023 & 2024 in a series
of fine art albums under the following titles:

"A Journey into the Spirits
of the Ancient Rainforest"

major themes:

The last tracts of the ancient rainforest on
Vancouver Island and the region.
Wind songs and Pacific rainforest coastlines.
"Embrace the Divine"
major themes:

The visual symphony of light and motion:
whales, ocean, eagles, and more...
"Earth Voices"
major themes:

Hidden memories of
mother earth
 spoken in silence by
the keepers of the land and thousand-year-old trees.
 All Rights Reserved © by Marek Julian Zaleski